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Perceptions of tourism among the natives at tourist destinations in Kozhikode District

Author(s) : Shaji E. V. & Dr. Venugopalan K. V.

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 7 / 2019 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 1


Tourism indeed creates some social perceptions in the minds of natives residing in and around the tourist destinations. Natives residing in and around the tourist destinations being one of the stakeholders of tourism industry, it is very much imperative to collect their opinion regarding the concept of tourism. A well defined interface between the tourists and natives is the precondition of the sustainable tourism policy. A resident in fact almost witness the tourist visit to a destination and at times they directly come in contact. At this juncture the attitude of locals to tourist gains significance. Some of the residents maintain a favourable attitude to tourism whereas some may not. The attitude maintained by the natives to an extent is based on how they perceive the concept of tourism. The various social perceptions of the natives are elicited by issuing questionnaire and the statistical test ‘t’ test and ‘F’ test is performed as part of statistical analysis.


Natives, Tourism, Social perception


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