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Redefine the Service Quality Experience Dimensions of Indian Mobile Network Providers – A conceptual model

Author(s) : Girish M.C., Reji M. A.

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 7 / 2019 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 13


Service quality in the telecom industry should be a predictable factor to satisfy the telecom customers. The variables of the study were framed after the review of the literature and it adopted SERVPERF model of service quality statements and QoS (Quality of Service standards) of TRAI (2019). Factor analysis is used to reduce for data reduction and to know the relation and underlying structure of the variables. In telecom industries, the defection is easy by the mobile number portability. The service providers look into innovative practices to attract and retain customers. The present study is conducted to measure the service quality perceptions of customers of the Indian telecom service providers in Kerala. Survey method is used to collect data; stratified random sampling was used to collect from the list of the customers available in the sampling area. The study tries to measure the service quality experiences among the different leading service providers and service quality perceptions of the customers in terms of their demographic factors. The male and female customers do not significantly differ in their satisfaction level in public or private company. Over the time, future of the Telecom industry cannot be predicted, but this study is beneficial to the customers in Kerala, to understand the quality of service providers and they can choose the service providers for better service.


Service quality experience, TRAI QoS, Exploratory Factor analysis, Technical quality, Telecom service provider.


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