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Shopping Behaviour of Consumers towards Retail Organic Outlets in Thrissur District

Author(s) : Krishna R & Haritha Paul

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 8 / 2020 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 19-24


Considering the promising future of organic farming and its produces the study aimed to analyse the Consumers’ attitude and level of satisfaction towards selected retail organic outlets in Thrissur district. 60 respondents selected from three retail organic outlets (representing Vasudha retail, Nisagra Organics, and Malayalam Organic Bazaar) from Thrissur district consisting of 20 consumers were equally selected and primary survey conducted through a structured interview schedule. The study highlighted that consumers have a moderately favourable attitude and a moderate level of satisfaction towards the outlets. Better customer service, mple parking facility and home delivery are the major demands from the part of customers.


Organic farming, Outlets, Consumer attitude, Level of satisfaction.


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