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Online shopping: Perception on Prices, Products, and Problems encountered

Author(s) : Dr. Sreeja Sukumar & Basil Eldho

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 8 / 2020 , ISSUE 1

Page(s) : 25-34


There has been a whopping increase in the number of people who uses internet and own electronic devices and comfortably uses it to purchase online even for their daily groceries. This study examines the online purchase behaviour of the consumers, factors those influence online consumers and the problems encountered. Data was collected through a well-structured questionnaire and was analysed using descriptive statistics and percentages. Friedmans rank test, one sample t test, Kruskal wallis and Mann Whitney U test were used in appropriate conditions to test the hypotheses. The study revealed interesting facts about online behaviour of consumers and most of the findings were similar to the earlier studies and vast contradictions were not found. Consumers were found to be indulging in online purchases of one product or other including food items, at least once monthly. The respondents had clear idea about the real prices of the online products and those online prices were lower than traditional shop prices but believed that discounts are made after a price hike. Regarding the types of products purchased through internet it was found that most of them purchased textiles and footwear and the least purchased item was automobile accessories. Availability of brands, convenience, variety of products were the factors that mostly influenced the respondents to purchase online. About the problems faced while shopping online, it was found that that misleading images of the products and lack of opportunity to physically verify the product were considered to be biggest risk felt by the respondents to indulge in online shopping.


Consumer behaviour, online shopping, online retail shops, e commerce


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