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A Study on the Training and Development Practices of the Sick Public Sector Industrial Units in Kerala

Author(s) : Dr. Kala V.

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 4 / 2016 , ISSUE 2

Page(s) : 5


The efficient management of human resources is one of the keys to the excellent performance of an organisation. Unfortunately, this proven fact is often entirely neglected or played down in the management of public sector undertakings in our country, especially in Kerala. The overall performance of the public sector enterprises has not measured up to the expectations of the Government, policy makers and of course the people. Out of 39 public enterprises under Industries Department, 14 are running on huge accumulated losses. The present study was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of training and development practices prevailing in the sick industrial public enterprises in Kerala and to suggest reasonable solutions. A total of 618 respondents; 436 workers and 182 managers were selected and a questionnaire was applied to obtain the responses. The study showed that there exist a significant difference between the opinions of both of these categories and that a system for measuring the effectiveness of the training programmes is almost absent in these units.


Public Enterprises, Kerala State, Industrial sickness, Human Resource Management, Training, Development, Infrastructure


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