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Development of a Model for Tourism for the State of Kerala

Author(s) : Dr. Radhika P. C , Dr.Johney Johnson

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 4 / 2016 , ISSUE 2

Page(s) : 7


The development of tourism industry has got great positive and negative impacts in terms of environmental, cultural, social and economic development, which can no longer be ignored. The increase in tourism activity at a destination creates pressures on the quality of life of the destination community. These were the result of unplanned developments in tourism industry and sustainable development was evolved as a measure to mitigate these negative impacts. The present study is intended to suggest a model for Kerala tourism which will ensure sustainable development. The study was intended to develop a model in resident’s perspective and its relation to the stakeholders like the role of government, the impacts of the tourism industry etc. The study also tries to find out the satisfaction of the tourist with the tourism industry in Kerala. Thus, the study covers the areas of tourist satisfaction, the resident community support, the role of government and the impacts of tourism industry in resident’s perspective.


Kerala tourism, Tourist, Domestic tourism, Sustainable development



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