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Attitude of Students towards Social Entrepreneurship

Author(s) : Suchitra A.

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 5 / 2017 , ISSUE 2

Page(s) : 9


Entrepreneurship can be called as a process of rebuilding the nation. Today we can see a society with changed outlook towards entrepreneurship. They have started to recognize the boundless power an entrepreneur holds which in turn can be made beneficial to the society. Many innovations are taking place in the field of entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is one among them. It can be seen a way of meeting the unmet needs of the society. The phenomenon of social entrepreneurship can be traced from earlier days, but the language of social entrepreneurship is developed only recently. Bill Drayton of Asokha was the person who coined the term social entrepreneurship in 1981. The study attempted to identify the attitude of the college students towards entrepreneurship. Primary and secondary sources were used for the study. The collected data was analysed using mean score analysis. Hypothesis testing was also employed to study whether there is any difference in the attitude of college students towards entrepreneurship with reference to their education and course of study. The mean score in most of the cases stood below 3 which showed the negative attitude of the students towards entrepreneurship. Also, their attitude was not influenced by the gender and the course of study.


Social entrepreneurship, Social sustainability, Entrepreneurial attitude.


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