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Tiatr: A New Form of Entrepreneurship in Goa – Problems and Prospects

Author(s) : Dr. Juao C. Costa

Volume & Issue : VOLUME 5 / 2017 , ISSUE 2

Page(s) : 33


Tiatr as a form of entrepreneurship has created direct as well as indirect employment to many artists as well as non-performers. Some families are fully dependent on this form of entrepreneurship for their livelihood. The economy of the state to a large extent is supported by this form of entertainment. Realizing its importance in the goan economy, the government of Goa has devised various schemes financial as well as non-financial for the development of tiatr.However, it still needs the attention of the policy makers as it has bright prospects, Goa being a tourist destination.The main objective of the paper would be to highlight how “Tiatr” as a form of entertainment evolved as a form of entrepreneurship providing jobs – directly as well as indirectly to the masses.


Tiatr, Tiatrist, culture, entertainment, problem, prospect.


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